TOEFL Listening Comprehension Tricks

Posted: March 21, 2012 in Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is a test of English as a foreign language.
In section 4 TOEFL there are:

  1. Listening Comprehension (understanding in listening to): 50 questions: 40 Minutes
  2.  Structure and Written Expression (structure and written expression): 40 questions: 25 minutes
  3.  Reading Comprehension (reading comprehension): 50 questions: 55 minutes
  4.  Writing (writing): This test is rarely performed in Indonesia

There are two kinds of TOEFL test, the Paper Model-Based Testing (PBT) and Computer Model-Based Test (CBT). TOEFL PBT models are models that require paper and pencil in the work. Score between 310-677 (so if either all get 310))
TOEFL CBT model is a model that requires the computer as a tool in the work on the problems. Score between 0-300
There are some specific things you should know before working on the TOEFL test, namely:

  • • First: TOEFL test writers often use a come-on (distractor) that makes the answer wrong to look right. karen, you must understand about its berusahan answer choices carefully. Do not get trapped by your detractors (distractor) in the matter.
  • • Second: The topic of conversation in about TOEFL is usually based on the history of the United States and its social environment. Therefore, people who have learned about American history and the environment there will be more profitable.
  • • Third: TOEFL will not use controversial issues related to religion, death, political differences, historical disputes, crime and topics – topics related to ethnic problems predictably.

Prior to the TOEFL, there are some things you should do. The goal is to be better prepared in doing so can reach sjor TOEFL TOEFL is the highest. Here are some things you should do:
a. Learn TOEFL preparation books or the like
b. Read the books of English grammar and conversation books in English.
c. Frequent practice Listening Comprehension through the tape.
d. Frequently watch movies in English.
e. Get used to reading books, magazines, or newspapers in English.
f. Working examples of TOEFL questions as often as possible.

Here is a Specialized in the Following Strategies TOEFL test and some things you need to do or who do not need to do during the TOEFL test:

  1.  Make sure you choose the one most appropriate answer by blackening the answer option that is available in sheets of charge, until were really black.
  2.  If the answer wrong and you want to change it, make sure you have removed the previous answer to the net.
  3.  Answer all the questions, do not let any one number that you leave it blank (not filled), for NO reduction in score if the answer is wrong.
  4.  Do not write anything in the answer sheet and a booklet except as instructed.
  5.  Do not worry and do about with calm or relaxed, but still the concentration.
  6.  In Section 2 and Section do 3, do the MOST EASY first.
  7.  Listening Comprehension in the work on the problems, if you do not know the answer, should be answered by guess and do not dwell too long to think about that answer. REMEMBER, the answer to one does not reduce the score.
  8.  Use knowledge of English and TOEFL so that you can do all about TOEFL
  9.  Do not try to cheat, because it would be fatal.

Here I will give you tips on how to anticipate the Toefl listening test. Listening Comprehension Test consists of 50 questions, divided into three sections namely section A = 30 questions, section B = 8 and the section about C = 12 matter. Listening section A in the form of dialogue or conversation between two people (the first person to ask and answer the second. Narrator will make inquiries based on the conversations between the first and second. And all the questions Narrator only intended to answer the second. That means you should focus more on people’s answers second.

  • First question: do you have to listen to all the conversations of the first and second person? The answer may be – is okay, but more importantly who you should be able to catch the second person answers.
  • The second question: Do you have to listen to all who answered the second sentence?The answer may be – is okay. But more importantly you should be able to catch one of the key words in answer to the second.
  • The third question: what is the key word? Keyword is meant here is a verb (verbs) and adjectives (adjective). Why are the adjectives and verbs used as keywords? Because you are looking for is OTHERWISE / synonyms (words that have the same meaning) with the key words in answer to -2.

Example in a conversation:

Merry: Hi Ariny, do you bring my English book? I need to finish my homework tonight.
Ariny: Oh, sorry. I forget to bring it.
Narrator: What does the man (Ariny) mean?
A. The girl Forgets to bring the book.
B. The girl does not know about the book.
C. The girl brings Merry’s book.
D. The girl does not remember to bring the book.
The correct answer is D (The girl does not remember to bring the book). Key words in people’s answers to -2 is forget. Then you have to find another answer which means the same as that does not forget the word remember. Forget is a verb (verb). Usually a synonym of the adjective (adjective) and verbs (verb).


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