TOEFL Structure Exercise

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TOEFL Structure


1.In 1970 B.C______the most collection of early laws.

A.  then Hammurabi wrote                           C. Hammurabi’s wrote

B. Hammurabi wrote                               D. Hammurabi, who wrote

2. Sleeping,resting,______are the best ways to care for a cold.

A. and that drinking fluids                               C. which drank fluids

B. and drinking fluids                                 D. and one drink fluids

3. Impressionist artists tended______imagination and light more important than faithful

reproduction of objects.

A. considering                                               C. consider to

B. be consider                                               D. to consider

4. A ray swims rapidly ______ broad wing like appendages.

A. by flapping its                                    C. of the flapping

B. its flapping                                                D. the palp

5. The greater______ increase in population, the harder it is for people to find adequate housing.

A. of                                                            C. the

B. is the                                                      D. is of the

6. Excessive absenteeism result ______ problems for the schools.

A. in                                                            C. for

B. with                                                         D. to

7. Of all the national parks in the United States, Yellowstone is _____ visited.

A. one of the most                                     C. one most

B. of the most                                                    D. the most one

8. Radio communication has changed______the rapid development of other cmmunication media, such as television.

A. because its                                                C. because of

B. is it because                                              D. is because its

9. The day was____that people swarmed to the beach.

A. such  hot                                                  C. very hot

B. so hot                                                     D. hot

10. Silver nitrate dyes_______it touches black.

A. somehow                                                  C. them

B. there                                                           D. everything

11. The Eiffel Tower ___________ Paris, France.

A. Landmarks

B. Is landmarked in

C. Is a landmark in

D. Is in a landmark

12. Young deer _________.

A. Are called fawns

B. Be fawns

C. Is fawns

D. Are fawns called

13. Not until a dog is several months old does it begin to exhibit signs of
independence ___________.

A. Its mother from

B. From mother

C. To mother

D. From its mother

14. To score a goal in soccer you ________.

A. Must kick the ball

B. Must kicks the ball

C. May kick them ball

D. Must kick them balls

15. The observation deck at the Sears Tower _________ in Chicago.

A. Is highest than any other one

B. Is highest than any other one

C. Is higher than any other one

D. Is higher that any other one

16. If it _________ so cloudy, we would plan on having the fair outside.

A. Was

B. Was not

C. Weren’t

D. Had not

17. At the 1984 Democratic National Convention in San Francisco, Geraldine Ferraro
became the first woman _________ for the vice presidency.

A. To being nominated

B. To has been nominated

C. To have been nominated

D. To will be nominated

18. ____________ a tree can be grown from a seedling.

A. That is generally believed

B. Believed generally is

C. Generally believed it is

D. It is generally believed that

19. The poverty level in the United State is currently set __________________.

A. At 12,000 dollars or less.

B. As 12,000 dollars or less.

C. At 12,000 dollars as less

D. At 12,000 dollar or less.

20. A dream about falling _________.

A. Scary is

B. Is scary

C. Are scary

D. Very scary is

21. George Washington _________first U.S. President.

A. Was the

B. Became

C. Were the

D. Are the

22. Amelia Earhart was _______________ to pilot her plane across the Atlantic

A. The first and a woman

B. The first woman

C. Who the first woman

D. The woman who first

23.  _______ chocolate will give you a tummy ache.

A. Eat too much

B. Eating to much

C. Eating too much

D. Eating too many

24.  If she ____________ to advance her clock one hour, she wouldn’t have been late for work.

A. Should have remembered

B. Could remembered

C. Remembered

D. Would have remembered

25. The union won benefits_______

A. the members                                            C. its members for

B. for its members                                  D. members for its


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